The Royal works with professionalism, ethics, respect and trust through the transparent and objective communication , with basic operation and cost consciousness. We seek to constantly adding value to our products and services, having agility, quality, security and responsibility in our operations.

We are always careful and work incessantly on social and environmental responsibility of the company, as well as encourage personal growth and empowerment of each constituent professional enterprise .

We value

our region

Situated in hilly region, with ideal climate for coffee production, São João has always stood out as predominantly origin of so-called fine coffees, that are sought after by discerning importers. The region also was marked by being one of the first to record the release of slaves, even before the official abolition, consequently getting great influx of Italian immigrants, they arrived to work in the coffee plantations and forming rural cores with your hard work made this territory one of the main focuses of producers Brazil's coffee

The record underscores the importance of culture in the history of the region, that expanded from the coffee growing and the railroads that linked the producing areas to the port of Santos.



Sustainable and long-term relationship with suppliers and customers, high maintainability of a quality standard established , developing various forms and strategies of protection and minimizing risks.